What to pack for your trip to Barcelona?

What to pack for your trip to Barcelona?

The most important thing you should bear in mind is:

1. How long will last your stay in Barcelona?

If you are coming to Barcelona to study a master's degree or a specialized course this trimeter, you do not intend to let clothes summer, winter and halftime case. Barcelona is a relatively warm city, and from September to December will not need too many clothes. The average temperature range between 20 ° C in September at 12 or 13ºC in December. Forget the "just in case": What if it rains as if it were the Universal Flood? What if an improbable snow falls at sea level? And if a heat wave comes from North Africa? It will not happen…. And if it happens, around your college apartment you have a lot of trendy shops, so you better get to Barcelona with some free space in your suitcase. Surely you appreciate!




2. If you come to spend the entire academic year, do you plan to return home to spend a few days at Christmas or a long weekend?

If so, take advantage of the trip to make change clothes autumn to winter. If you do not plan to go home for Christmas, take what's put you at every time of year, and as we said before, leave space in your suitcase ... sure you come back with renewed your wardrobe!


Forget towels, sheets and other useful you think you are going to need as iron for shirts or your favorite breakfast cup. In your student lodging  you have everything!


Come on, you have it all? You ever played Tetris?


Place all over the bed, do not try to put everything inside the suitcase higgledy-piggledy

The heaviest things, at the bottom of the suitcase. The individual bags shoes will fill much less and can go embedding them in the side holes. The more stretched the clothes go, much more fit, especially if it comes woolen jackets or coats.

And if a garment bulges much, chooses to wear it during the journey.

Do not forget to leave some basic in your handbag, cell phone charger, a scarf or light sweater if you're cold on the plane, a toothbrush and some underwear in case your luggage arrived later than you or had to make an unscheduled stopover ...


Already you have everything? 'Do not forget your passport !!! Enjoy the trip. 'In your student flat in Barcelona and we are waiting !!!

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