What to do in Barcelona on a holiday?

Today we bring you an article designed for the residents of Barcelona. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Spain so we wanted to organize a super cool plan for you to enjoy this beautiful city.

In the morning

What’s better than starting the day with a good breakfast near the beach? Let’s leave aside the rushed breakfast at 7 am to enjoy the delights of La Cala Barceloneta. A cafeteria that offers a wide variety of sandwiches, toasts and bowls with which you will lick your fingers. 

Besides, with the return to the routine, you spend many hours sitting in front a computer, so you deserve a break. What about a walk in La Barceloneta with the harm of the sun? After the cold week we have spent and how much we miss the summer, days like this are appreciated right? Move your body because your afternoon is designed for you to spend at home doing what many of us like: a series marathon.

In the afternoon

We know that choosing a series can be complicated since not everyone has the same tastes and it’s difficult to agree. At Vanguard, we don’t want you to end your day facing each other so, we bring you a “Top 5” of Netflix series that you have to watch.

The Squid Game

A Korean series that will grab you from minute 1 (if you are not too squeamish) and where the tension will not disappear at any time.


A series with which you will empathize and feel identified with the situations that are explained so naturally.


A teen comedy that combines British humor and the millennial spirit that will hook you from chapter 1.


A series of pure tension and rhythm in which you won’t be able to take anything for granted.

Sex Education

A series that through humor and naturalness raises numerous stories of love and sex that we find in our daily lives.


Use this day to disconnect from everything and get ready for the rest of the week.



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