Validate foreign university degrees in Spain

Validate foreign university degrees in Spain

The website of “Ministerio de Educacion y formación profesional” in Spain, makes available to American students all information regarding the validation of foreign studies in Spain.

Through its website, any foreign student can manage online the processing of the file for the homologation of their higher education degree granted by any foreign institution, to an official university degree of Bachelor or Master and that serves to gain access to a regulated profession in Spain.

The requirement to initiate the procedure to homologate foreign studies in Spain is the payment of the corresponding fee.

The homologation of foreign studies in Spain must necessarily be accompanied by the following documentation, as reflected on the website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training:

  • Certified copy of the document proving the identity and nationality of the applicant, issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin or origin or by the Spanish authorities competent in the field of foreigners.
  • Certified copy of the title whose homologation is requested or of the certification accrediting its issuance and, where appropriate, of the corresponding official translation.
  • Certified copy of the academic certification of the studies carried out to obtain the degree, which include, among other things, the official duration in academic years of the study plan followed, the courses taken and the total workload of each of they are expressed in hours or ECTS credits (European) and, where appropriate, the corresponding official translation.
  • Accreditation of the payment of the fee.
  • Accreditation of the linguistic competence necessary for the exercise in Spain of the corresponding regulated profession

The presentation of the documents indicated above is essential to initiate the procedure of homologation of the foreign title in Spain. If it is necessary to present additional documentation, they will contact you to request it.

Absolutely all the required documents must be official documents and be issued by the competent authorities for it; likewise, there will be some cases in which it is necessary that the original documents have to be duly legalized.

The competent authorities to certify the photocopies of the documents are:

  • Register of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
  • Government Delegations and Sub-delegations
  • Embassies and Consulates of Spain
  • Notary.

If you need more information about the homologation of university studies in Spain, you can direct your query in the following administrative information link

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