Typical Catalan food in your student apartment

Typical Catalan food in your student apartment

Barcelona, modern, cosmopolitan and university city, houses a large number of student apartments, not just for international students but also for students from the rest of Spain that choose to rent student apartments as a housing option during the academic calendar.

All the students living in our apartments, or most of them,  are interested in following good eating habits during their stay in Barcelona. You must know tha Catalan cuisine offers you a wide variety of high quality ingredients, highlighting products from the garden, mountains and sea.

The cuisine of the Catalan community is based on the use of olive oil, garlic, lard, onions, vegetables, legumes, fish and fresh seafood. Although also, if you are sweet, you will be excited by its wide variety of desserts and pastries.

Specifically, Barcelona, ??as a Catalan capital and large urban center, receives the best products from each territory, so that students have at your disposal an enviable gastronomic universe to face the course with strength.

Next we will highlight some of the typical Catalan dishes, which provide a large amount of nutrients and are ideal for supplying the energy you need for your physical and mental activity as a good university student.

- Catalan salad (Catalan amanida)

It is an easy-to-make dish composed of typical ingredients of the Catalan geography: tomato, onion, lettuce or olives, to which other vegetables (asparagus, pepper ...) can be added, coated with thin slices of various sausages from the earth such as fuet, sausage, ham, etc. All this, seasoned extra virgin olive oil, lemon or vinegar juice, salt and black pepper.

- Empordà black rice (Arròs negre de l`Empordà)

Traditional dish of the Costa Brava that, today, has numerous variants. The key to its elaboration lies in slowly cooking the onion until it is well caramelized. It usually includes sausages, pork ribs, squid, shrimp, mussels, crayfish, garlic and ripe tomatoes.

- Catalanbeans (Faves a la catalana)

This dish can be prepared with the most tender and fresh that the garden offers: garlic, chives, marjoram, peppermint ..., as well as pieces of black sausage and sliced ??bacon. With a fresh and aromatic flavor, it is a dish that gains in flavor and stays perfectly for almost a week, which makes it ideal for preparing it in large quantities and having it as a supply in the university floors of Barcelona.

- Bread with tomato (Pa amb tomàquet)

To conclude, do not neglect the famous "pa ambtomàquet", typical food of the area, very easy to prepare and very nutritious. With just one piece of ripe tomato, slices of rustic bread, olive oil and salt, you can make a delicious snack.

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