Tips to take care or yourself at this time of quarantine

Tips to take care or yourself at this time of quarantine

As we are seeing in the news, it seems that this confinement is going to last longer than any of us thought, and you will spend it in your student apartments where you are. Therefore, it is important that we consider taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally, and to be able to handle some negative emotions.

We can feel stressed or with some anxiety due to this pandemic and the situation we are experiencing, in a certain way it is logical.

Therefore, we have to do everything on our part to take care of ourselves.

Eat healthy, take care of your body and your mind

It is really very important to maintain a good diet, healthy and as balanced as possible.

We are what we eat and our food is crucial in how we are going to feel.

Eat a variety of foods, our bodies need different nutrients for everything to work properly, and no single food can provide them.

For this reason, variety in food is very important. Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

It is well known by all that eating fruit and vegetables is very healthy, and it is without a doubt!!

It is also advisable to eat correct portions, neither scarce nor excessive.

Of course drinking a lot of liquid is vital.

Really, a bad diet can harm us a lot. And on the contrary, eating well will make us feel much better, physically and mentally. Take good care of your self and you will see how you feel great!

Exercise your body

Since we cannot go to the gym, run, bike, or do any other outdoor physical activity, let's do it from our shared flats. So, we can also motivate each other!

You can exercise by following an infinity of channels on YouTube, for example with gymvirtual.com, or you can also use fitness apps.

Set up a little time on your day to exercise, when you get use to do it even if is for half and our you will see that you feel great!

Do things that make you feel good

It is important that Spend time doing things that you like, such as reading, listening to music, watching movies or series, cooking... etc. Anything that makes you feel comfortable will be very suitable to invest your time.

Maintaining communication with yours, family and friends is very good to feel good, luckily with technology today it is very easy to be able to make voice calls and video calls and to be able to feel them close even if they are not.

Keep some schedules

Obviously, we will not keep the same schedules as when we are in our normal life and in the university, but we must try not to get out of control of our day to day schedules.

Organize yourself a new schedule and try to follow a new routine, respecting a few hours of sleep, food, entertainment and activities. All of them are important in your day.

A total disorganization of schedules will make you feel worse.

Try to take care of yourself as best as you can in this difficult situation that is facing us. Hopefully soon everything will return to normal, but let's make this confinement a pleasant experience with ourselves.

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