Tips not to get distracted studying in your shared apartment

Tips not to get distracted studying in your shared apartment

The date of that important test that you are so afraid of and it is time to take control of the situation is approaching. Books, pens of all colors, good planning ... It seems that you have everything ready to get to sink your elbows. Well, everything but the most important: concentration. No doubt, sharing a flat with other students has many advantages, but sometimes, it may be necessary and extra willpower to not distract and study while the rest of the roommates are idle.

You can. We are going to draw a plan of "not to" so that you can concentrate on your studies in your student flat and get to carry out the mission of approving with good note that exam:

No mobile

You have to avoid distractions at all costs and having your mobile phone on the table is not going to help you too much to study. Above all, if when you are at a key point, it starts to sound or vibrate. We advise you to disconnect it or put it in a drawer in silent mode, at least during the time you plan to devote to study. A challenge, we know.

No internet

Disconnecting the Internet is your best option. Maybe you are preparing an exam for which you need to consult data that you have stored on your computer. In this aspect, there is no problem. The loss of time comes when you turn on your computer and you find yourself browsing on Facebook or answering friends' e-mails. No, this was not the purpose of the study task, so download all the data you need to review during the study period and disconnect the Internet. Temptation is a click away and you can not afford to waste your precious minutes.

No noise

Tell your roommates that you are going to be studying. Maybe, in this way, try to make less noise and not get distracted while you are locked in your room. Also, if you are one of those who are upset by any sound, get some ear plugs to put them on when you need the maximum concentration. They minimize the sounds a lot, so they will surely be your perfect allies.

No late night

It is very important to sleep well and the necessary hours. Resting properly will ensure a quiet day of study, in which you can concentrate on what is truly important: books. This way, you will not be yawning or constantly thinking about finishing to lie down or lay down for a while. Sleeping is vital, if you want to get good academic results.

In short, if you follow these tips and put some strength of will, you can spend hours studying and sure that the time spent will have a positive impact on the final results.

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