Tips for students in Barcelona (2)

Tips for students in Barcelona (2)

Last week we told you some essential tips to integrate into the life of Barcelona while you spend your time as a university student in the city. Today we want to give you some additional tricks so that your roommates and you can fully enjoy a city as exciting for students as Barcelona. 

The best beaches in the city

In Barcelona there are several urban beaches that are good if you want to spend some time in the sun without having to travel. A few minutes from the city center you have the beaches of Bogatell or Marbella that are quieter than Barceloneta, a beach more frequented by tourists.

But if your idea is to spend a day at the beach with your friends or university colleagues you have much more attractive options a few minutes by train.

On the Costa del Maresme you can go to Montgat or Ocata. You can arrive by train and you can also use the same metro card that you use to get around the city since they are in the same fare Zone (zone 1). They are small beaches and are not usually very crowded.

The Costa del Garraf also has beautiful beaches to reach by train. Sitges is a very beautiful coastal town where you can spend the day. 

Things you can't do in Barcelona 

You cannot go down the street or on public transport without a shirt, even if it is a terrible heat. If you see someone without a shirt it is very likely to be a tourist. It is not normal to see a local doing it.

You can't drink alcohol in the street. They can fine you so if you want to drink do it in the bars or terraces enabled in the streets. Exceptionally, during neighborhood parties if drinking is allowed on the street. In recent years, to avoid generating waste, you can buy your own reusable cup, instead use plastic cups.

At night, you can not make noise when going down the street, so if you have gone out, remember that the neighbors have the right to rest, so return to your student apartment in silence. And when you arrive, don't wake up your roommates !!!

And finally…. Do not buy a Mexican hat. The locals still do not understand why this typical tourist custom típica 

Learn Catalan 

You do not need to become an expert but take advantage of your stay in Barcelona to learn some expressions in Catalan.

Hi, hello (this is easy)

Bon Dia: Good morning

Bona Tarda: Good afternoon

Bona nit: Good evening

Adeu: Bye!

Merci o gràcies: thanks! (Merci is like in French, but with an emphasis on "e" instead of "i")

Please: if us plau

What's your name: com et dius

My name is Ana: Em dic Ana

Until next time: fins la propera

Good luck: Bona sort

Take advantage: What aprofiti 

 We hope you liked our tips, and that you can apply them during your student life in Barcelona.

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