Tips for practicing sport while studying in Barcelona

Tips for practicing sport while studying in Barcelona Barcelona's investment in sports means that there are numerous sports facilities, of all types, throughout the city. The sport is part of the daily life of the inhabitants and students of Barcelona, you can see people running during all hours of the day, basketball games, football, paddle, among friends, in any public court, or skaters, and even surfers if you go to the beach Barcelona also has a very important skate community. The squares and smooth streets are your meeting place to practice the skills with the board, sometimes, you can stay hours and hours looking at them and admiring them. If you are looking for where to practice your favorite sport, Barcelona has a great variety of possibilities to be in shape. If you do not want to practice outdoor sports, despite the wonderful climate of the city, there are many gyms, swimming pools or sports centers where you can practice activities such as yoga, pilates, to balance your body and mind, and the more moved ones like cardio jumping or zumba. Every time there are more alternative and new sports that if you approach a gym you will have to ask what they are. Although everything is in your favor to practice sports in this city, we will tell you that gyms in Barcelona are not usually very cheap, for a student budget in Barcelona, there are municipal sports centers in Barcelona, which are the best and most affordable option if what you want is to practice a specific sport and not pay an annual fee in a private gym, although many gyms make discounts for taking friends from you, so talk to your fellow students in Barcelona and, animals to try ! If you practice a specific sport, you will have already informed yourself to know where to find the sports association or federation. If you have not done it yet, the Institut Barcelona Sports located on Avenida del Estadio, 30 you can get all the information you need. If you like competition and sporting events, Barcelona welcomes many and of all kinds. There is one: Barcelona sports agendato know all the sporting events in the city. You must ensure beforehand that you have prepared and trained enough to register.Take advantage now that spring comes and good weather to get fit, and do not stay locked in your student residence in Barcelona, because winter and cold are about to say goodbye!


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