"Tinfunding" the platform made in Barcelona to help you pay for your studies

"Tinfunding" the platform made in Barcelona to help you pay for your studies

70,000 students have dropped out in recent years for not being able to pay tuition. And if, in addition to high university fees, you add student housing and expenses caused by living away from home you add the thing is complicated. And although in our student flats you know how much you are going to pay at the end of the month, surely you have occasionally encountered an expense that you did not expect and shatter your monthly budget .... But in the face of difficulties, ingenuity.

It's no longer necessary for your roommates and you spend the afternoon making cookies in your student apartment to be able to sell and finance your end-of-course trip. Or put "shreck kitty" face to your relatives to buy a share in a draw for a TV they do not need ...

Much more in keeping with the times are the "Tinfunding" platform, a virtual, individual or collective piggy bank together with your classmates. Upload the products you want to sell, share with your contacts and start collecting the necessary money comfortably sitting on the sofa of your university floor.

The TinFunding platform has been designed and developed with the collaboration of Barcelona City Council and funded by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism and already has more than 1,000 students in Barcelona who are getting funding for their studies or related expenses.

Do you dare to join?

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