Things you did not plan in your student life in Barcelona

Things you did not plan in your student life in Barcelona

If you thought that student life would be limited to spending many hours in college, go out every night and eat junk food that you did not see by chance at your parents' house, surely you have already realized that it is not exactly like that .


1. Free time


Class hours when you go to college do not look too much like when you were in high school. The schedule is much more flexible, and there are fewer class hours per day. But remember to organize well all that time apparently free when you're not in class. The university requires more study time in your student apartment or in the library.

Even so, there is time for everything, so we recommend that you take the time to visit the city and its surroundings. If you need inspiration, review our blog where you will find such attractive alternatives: http://www.barcelona-student-housing.com/the-best-beaches-of-the-catalan-coast-n-80-en.html

Take advantage also to do some sport. Or better yet, take the opportunity to meet new places while exercising outdoors. Here we remind you one of our proposals: http://www.barcelona-student-housing.com/hiking-around-barcelona-n-44-en.html


2. Things cost money

As you may have realized money flies, especially when you live in another city.

Remember that although there are fantastic restaurants that we advise you to try, you can save a lot of money if you learn to cook. Start with an easy receptacle like this http://www.barcelona-student-housing.com/eating-well-and-cook-little-recipe-of-the-week-for-our-students-n-43-en.html to get confidence ... Surely with practice, in a few months you can surprise your roommates with much more elaborate recipes.

To cover the expenses, you can also resort to some punctual work, such as babysitting or giving private lessons. http://www.barcelona-student-housing.com/college-students-and-part-time-baby-sitters-how-to-earn-money-while-you-are-a-student-n-65-en.html

Or again, visit our blog where we give you some tips to spend less http://www.barcelona-student-housing.com/tips-for-managing-your-money-when-you-come-to-study-in -barcelona-n-76-en.html

3. You do not need to go out every night

Surely if you have been in Barcelona for a few months and have suffered several consecutive hangovers in your flesh, you have realized that it is not necessary to go out every night to meet people.

Of course, your social life is very important and relaxing after a long week of studies will be good for you, but that the fun is not limited to party nights and alcohol. Barcelona offers many possibilities for fun for young people, where you can also meet local students with whom to immerse yourself in our culture.

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