The sweetest autumn

The sweetest autumn

By now you can find the famous panellets in any bakery or pastry shop in the area where you have your student apartment but today we tell you where to find the best panellets in the city. And if you prefer, we also give you the recipe of the classic pine panellets so that you cook them yourself in your student apartment.

 We start with the easiest option, buy them. Here we leave you our three favorite options:

 A classic in Barcelona is the Escribà pastry shop. Traditional panellets consist of marzipan balls filled with pine nuts, and here they make them perfect. However, we encourage you to try other creations that fuse the panellets of a lifetime with new flavors. Atento: marzipan panellet stuffed with banana stuffed with black chocolate .... Mamma mia ...

 On the Rambla de Catalunya we find another bakery of those of a lifetime, the famous Mauri bakery. It retains its look from the beginning of the century, and although it is true that they are not as innovative as Escribà, they triumph with the classics of pine nuts and coconut. The photo that accompanies the news is from his window.

 If in addition to trying the panellets, you want to check because they have the title of champion of the best butter croissant of Spain, approach the bakery Badía Roca. They have two premises, one in Sant Gervasi and another in the Sants neighborhood.

 For the bravest and who are encouraged to cook, here goes the recipe. The ingredients are not cheap, but it will always be more economical and fun to make them for yourself:


Ingredients (for 12-14 units):


• 150 g of sweet potato

• 150 g of pine nuts

• 170 g ground almonds

• 1 egg yolk

• 130 g of sugar

• lemon peel

• Water


Put the sweet potato in a casserole, over a low heat, for about 20 minutes. Then you have to remove it from the water and let it cool down.

Once it's cold, peel it and mash it in a bowl. In the same bowl add the sugar and lemon zest and love it well.

Then add the egg yolk and the ground almond and mix all the ingredients very well until a homogeneous dough remains.

With the dough already ready, you must make some balls the size of a ping pong ball and re-roll them with the pine nuts.

To finish it bakes at 180º C in a tray covered with paper of oven, during 15 minutes.


 Buy them or cook them, we hope you enjoy this traditional sweet.

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