The advantages of shared student accommodation.

The advantages of shared student accommodation.

Living in a student apartment in Barcelona and in any other city offers many economic and social advantages.

First of all, we have to consider that a typical college student doesn’t have many assets or a steady income. For that matter, the majority of their earnings are directed to their studies. What most students tend to do is to go study in another city leaving behind their home to live on their own during this period of their lives.  Major cities like Barcelona are perfect and meet the necessary conditions students look for when seeking a place to live.

Here, we will review some of the benefits of living in apartments specifically geared towards college students. Besides learning how to share, a fundamental lesson that those of us who have siblings know all too well, there are a multitude of other advantages of living with other students. The obvious, living away from the shelter of mom and dad, it’s a new experience that gives you a sense of freedom.

The first benefit is the fact that all expenses are shared especially the rent. This will give you a little financial breathing room seeing as you don’t have to bear the full weight of rent yourself and can dedicate your money to other monthly expenses. This can also be applied to other amenities which can all be split such as the power bill, the water bill or internet.

At the same time, make sure you and your roomies have talked things out and made it clear when it comes to those monthly bills. If one of your roommates for example, eats more than you then an option would be that everyone buy their own groceries separately. The same would be applied to someone who uses the land line as opposed to those who just use their cell phones.

Take into account that you could come out winning in some other aspects that may have not crossed your mind. It will give you a sense of security knowing that you’re not home alone. Also, you can carpool or share a bus pass which in turn counts as more money in your pocket. 

The elephant in the room: cleaning, taking out the trash, etc. This is also something that can be divided amongst your housemates. Taking turns always seems to be the best solution to equally dividing these chores. 

Still not convinced? Think about it this way. Having roommates also enhances your social circle. You’ll meet new and interesting people who you can go out and make plans with. It’s definitely worth the try. At the end of the month you’ll have more money in your pocket and more friends to spend time with. Where is the negative in that?


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