Take away or delivery?

Because of the new restrictions imposed in Catalonia to stop the spread of the virus, bars and restaurants have been forced to work with closed doors, without offering the option of consuming their products within their facilities. For this reason, and while the new measures are valid, the only option to eat from a restaurant is through the take away service, or home delivery.

There are many applications and companies that offer the delivery service and that work with a large number of establishments. Uber eats, Glovo, Deliveroo, or Just Eat are some of them. However, below, we want to recommend restaurants in Barcelona with “Menu del día” / daily menu, and their own or sustainable home delivery service. Find them on Instagram and enjoy their creations.

Additionally, thanks to the Premium location of all the Barcelona Student Housing apartments, all the ones which offer delivery will arrive to your apartment.

Our recommendations

Thanks to the options that we present below, you will be able to help local businesses, while having a healthy and balanced diet:

  1. @millaslunch. Platos veggies por 7€.
  2. @theloftbyalbaniubo. Menús variados y saludables por 8,5-11€.
  3. @veg.it. Menús veggies por 6,5 – 8,5€.
  4. @somsacs.cat. Opciones saludables a diferentes precios competitivos.
  5. @vacka42. Menú veggie entre 7 – 12€.
  6. @etvoilabarcelona. Menú saludable por 10,90€.
  7. @monvietbcn. Deliciosa comida vietnamita a precio competitivo.
  8. @lestresalacuina. Menú saludable por 10€.
  9. @semproniana_restaurant. Menú tradicional y cocina casera por 15€+5€ de envío.
  10. @nomomoto. Comida japonesa y sushi.
  11. @fastkibuka. Comida japonesa y sushi.
  12. @9granados. Menú de temporada 12,5€.
  13. @laviblioteca. Tapas, vinos y platos variados.
  14. @la_gilda_bcn. Tapas y platos variados.

In addition to these, you have a lot of options to continue enjoying your favorite dishes from home. We encourage you to tell us which are your favorite options and if you liked our recommendations.

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