Summer Recipe for students: Gazpacho

Summer Recipe for students: Gazpacho

In these days of heat you will surely cook less than usual in your student flat, and that is what you most want are salads and fresh and soft dishes. A recipe that will become essential this summer in Barcelona will be the gazpacho: a cold soup typical of Andalusia that is, in addition to super healthy and refreshing, very easy to make.

You only need a blender, a Chinese type colander and a few vegetables. In a few minutes you can invite your roommates to a delicious and fresh gazpacho. Of course there is also the option to buy it already made in the supermarket, but when you have done it once, you will see that it is so easy and so economical that you will prefer a good "homemade" gazpacho. In addition, few things are so "typical Spanish" so learn the recipe well to be able to export it to your country of origin and become the best ambassador of the meditarranean diet.

For 6 people

  • 1 kg of Pear tomato
  • 1 green pepper
  • ½ red pepper
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 250 ml Virgin olive oil
  • 250 ml Water
  • Salt
  • 50 ml Vinegar


As in everything, there are many variants of gazpacho: with bread, without bread, with red pepper, without red pepper, with onions or without onions ... This is the recipe that we like the most, but you can try variations in ingredients and quantities until you find the one you like the most.

We could say that the recipe is as easy as chopping the ingredients, put them in the blender, strain and voilà .... But we'll work it out a little more ????

As we said before, each teacher has his booklet, and in our booklet says that if you have time and desire, peel the tomatoes before incorporating them into the blender. A trick that makes it very easy to do is, with a knife make a cut in the shape of a cross at the base of the tomato. Then you spend a few seconds for boiling water. You'll see how easy it is now to strip them.

The gazpacho can be taken in glass, drunk, or on a plate, like the usual soup, but always always, very cold. You can even put some ice cubes.

If you want the consistency to be a little thicker, add a little bit of hard bread at the time of beating. This way you will have a soup to eat with a very cool spoon.

You can also chop a bit of onion, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, even a little ham and toss it into the soup just before eating it to make a dish a little more consistent.

And if you are innovative, you can add strawberries, watermelon ... And give your gazpacho an original touch.

We hope you liked the recipe and bon appetit!


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