Studying abroad: reasons to choose a destination

Studying abroad: reasons to choose a destination

New experiences

The motivations vary according to the age of the students. Among the youngest, the main motivation is to seek new cultural experiences.

"The young people of Gen Z want to go out and experience a world that is bigger and different from theirs," says AFS CEO Daniel Obst. "In addition, Gen Z students not only want to travel to other countries, they are looking for authentic experiences through the eyes of local people, these are the adventures and stories they want to experience and share with others." Therefore, as we advised in our article a few weeks ago, the ideal is to adapt your customs to local customs as soon as possible, to immerse yourself better in the culture of your new city.

Safe environments

The safety of the city when choosing the destination of studies is also a priority for international students. Being able to walk quietly at night, take public transport at any time and in short, feel cared for and welcomed by the inhabitants of the city. In Barcelona, as in any big city, you should be careful with your personal belongings in crowds to avoid the actions of friends of others: do not keep your phone or wallet in the back pockets of your pants, and put the backpack in front of you instead of leaving it hanging on the back. For the rest, Barcelona is a safe city, open and accustomed to tourism

Job opportunities

Older students give great importance to job opportunities after finishing school. On the one hand, the employment opportunities that you will be able to access at the end of studies, but also the possibility of staying in the city dedicating yourself to the work for which you have been preparing.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the city is also a factor to be taken into account. And is that, at the cost of college tuition, you have to add the rent of a flat for students or a university residence, maintenance and social life. If you consider that this is one of the main handicaps in your case, we remind you that, as we commented in a previous post in our blog, there are tools such as the Tinfunding platform that help you with the financing of your studies.

Analyzing all these aspects, Barcelona is one of the destinations chosen by thousands of international students. And it is in the top positions of the ranking of the cities with the best reputation in the world.



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