Study Abroad Programs in Spain

Study Abroad Programs in Spain

Studying abroad is a great experience that you will only live during your student stage. That is why it is important to choose the destination well to get the most out of your experience. In Spain there are Study Abroad programs in many cities, all with a lot of history and a great social and cultural life: Madrid, Seville, Valencia ... but although they are all beautiful and interesting cities, from Barcelona Student Housing, how could it be otherwise, we recommend Barcelona.

You can choose several types of program, depending on the duration and the time of year you wish to travel: one semester, one academic year, one summer ... All times are good in the city. You should know that if you choose the winter program you will not get too cold and the city, although it is always visited by many tourists, is somewhat quieter. If you choose the summer you can enjoy the beaches of the city and popular festivals that are usually held during those months.

What can I study in a study program in Barcelona?

All study abroad programs in Barcelona introduce students to a variety of subjects in different disciplines. The most important thing when choosing the program that best suits you is to assess in which specialty you would like to develop your career and what your personal interests are. You should also keep in mind what types of studies can improve your academic, professional and personal goals. If you have doubts about whether a specific program is the most appropriate to get your diploma or degree, do not hesitate to consult with an academic advisor at your home university.

Studying abroad in Barcelona, ??Spain, you can also study Spanish or Catalan, the two main languages ??in Barcelona. Living for a while abroad will allow you to expand your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills, listening, reading, either through classes or simply talking with friends, classmates, even allows you to practice with everyday activities, such as making purchases in buy in the market or go out for a coffee. Learning languages ??will not only improve your résumé but will also bring you great personal benefits.

How can I find my perfect study abroad program in Barcelona, ??Spain?

Below is a list of the main Study Abroad programs in Barcelona so you can see which one best suits what you're looking for.

IES Abroad Barcelona

CEA: Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Arcadia University

AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain: January Term

Universitat Pompeu Fabra with SAI Programs

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience

Barcelona Student Housing works with all these organizations to offer them quality accommodation. Do not hesitate to ask to stay with us when you book your study abroad program in Barcelona

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