Secret Barcelona: Plaça Sant Felip Neri

Secret Barcelona: Plaça Sant Felip Neri

When you decided to come to study in Barcelona, you surely knew some of its most famous places, such as Las Ramblas or La Sagrada Familia. Once installed in your student apartment you have surely visited many other places less frequented by tourists and you have been making more and more yours this incredible city and full of places that fall in love.

In Barcelona Student Housing we want to accompany you in the discovery of the city and today we take you to one of our favorite places: Plaça Sant Felip Neri.

It is probable that you have already passed through this square, located in the Gothic quarter, next to the cathedral. It is a quiet square, until a few years ago, almost unknown by most tourists. It has the advantage of being hidden among alleys so it is not a place of passage.

The protagonists of our image are the central fountain and the church. If you sit on the edge of the fountain and look closely at the walls of the church you will see its scars, holes in the facade that are a piece of the darkest history of the city and the country. Holes that make you travel in time, specifically to 1938, at which time our country is immersed in a terrible and unjust, like all, Civil War.

During the taking of Barcelona by the Francoists there was a bombing on the square, which is responsible for those holes in the facades. There were 42 deaths, most of them children who tried to leave the daycare center where they were taken care of to take refuge in the cellars of the church.

In the square you can read the commemorative plaque: 

"In memory of the victims of the San Felipe Neri bombing. Here 42 people died -the majority children- by action of the Francoist aviation of January 30, 1938. "

It is a sad story, as so many other cities have lived a war throughout its history. An inspiring place, full of history and magic, like so many other lost corners of the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona that you can not miss.

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