Sanitas International Students, a health insurance designed for international students

Sanitas International Students, a health insurance designed for international students

Sanitas International Students is an insurance company devised by Sanitas, which counts with more than 45,000 professionals and 1,200 medical centers, in addition to having own hospitals  and Milenium multi-specialty centers, throughout the country and exclusively for our clients.


It is an insurance with complete healthcare, without any shortcomings  which you can make use of all the services from the first day , does not have copayment, so you will not pay anything else to go to your medical appointments.


The minimum stay to study in our country is 3 months. To register in this policy

you will need:

- accreditation of the course you are going to do

- identification card or passport

-have between 14 and 35 years (Maximum age of stay 35 years).


In addition we adapt to your economic needs and you will have at your disposal three forms of payment depending on the length of your stay in our country (quarterly, semi-annual or annual).


What we offer with Sanitas International Students, apart from access to our extensive medical guide, you will have in exclusive advantages such as: primary care, access to most medical specialties without restrictions (Cardiology, dermatology,endocrinology, traumatology, gynecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry ...).

Diagnostic tests (Clinical tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, MRIs,endoscopy, scanner, etc.

Therapeutic methods: rehabilitation sessions, oncological treatments, therapies

respiratory, logofoniatría sessions, lithotricia, radiotherapy …


Surgical interventions, with or without hospital admission.


Hospitalization, admission and hospital stay.


Also included free dental coverage, SANITAS DENTAL 21 with 30 services included in coverage and up to 21% discount in the rest of treatments.


Repatriation coverage, with transfer to the country of origin in case of death.


Other services that are included in the Sanitas International Students insurance are: Customer service in English through Sanitas Welcome, second medical opinion (Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige), emergency assistance in trips abroad (Up to € 12,000 a year.), Sanitas 24 hours (Phone service of emergencies and medical advice) and online management (Request for appointments, download of analytics, reimbursement requests, medical authorizations through the client area "My Sanitas." ( app)


And as if that were not enough, you can add additional hiring covers such as:

Professional and traffic accidents. ( 1,50€ month )


If you want more information http://bit.ly/2GxSNEm


Mireia Cano. Exclusive Agent of Sanitas

Telf.: 607 377 513 - 671 629 258

email: mcanog.pex@sanitas.es

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