NIE for students

NIE for students

You are already enrolled in the University in Barcelona and have managed the booking of your student apartment. In order for your stay in Spain to be regularized you will need to request the student NIE upon arrival. We tell you how it is processed:

Student Card

The student card is a permit to stay as a student with a validity of one year, or the time that will last for your studies in Barcelona. With this card you can travel all Schengen countries without visa.
From your arrival in Barcelona you have a month to request it, do not fall asleep!
The first thing to do is to go to the Foreign Office to present the documentation. There you will be summoned another day (usually about 20 days later) to take your fingerprints and finally, about a month later, you can go pick up your student card.

The documentation to be provided is as follows:
• Application in official form (original and 3 copies)
• Passport in force (original and one copy)
• Study, research or training visa (original and one copy)
• 3 color photographs with white background
• Certificate of enrollment as a student in an official center that also proves that its duration is more than 3 months (original).
• Accreditation of sufficient economic means to cover the stay. It can be the certificate of a scholarship, bank statement, or others that demonstrate the economic solvency. In this case original and copy must be submitted.
• Medical insurance, with the same validity as the stay in Spain (original and copy)
Identity Number of Foreigners: NIE

 In addition to the student card, you will be assigned an Alien Identification Number. Students from the European Community can apply for the NIE by submitting the application and passport.

The foreigner student not belonging to the European Community will also be required to submit the study visa. To process the NIE you will have to be registered, so you will need to first present your rental contract in the offices of attention to the citizen of the city of Barcelona ... Much paperwork, we know. At Barcelona Student Housing we can help you with the formalities.

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