New year's Eve in Barcelona: The most traditional plans

New year's Eve in Barcelona: The most traditional plans


This is a national tradition that has its origin in a surplus of grapes that was produced in 1909. At the rate marked by the last twelve strokes, we eat the twelve grapes of luck, we make a wish and we toast with cava. Tradition says that if you manage to eat the twelve grapes without choking, your wish will be fulfilled. And we think that although you get choked, it will be the same, although it may cost a little more ?

L'home dels nassos (or the man with the noses)

On December 31, children are invited to go to Barcelona to look for this strange man, who has as many noses as there are days in the year we left. This character is only seen one day a year, so you have to pay attention!

Can you imagine it? Well, every year the children are encouraged to look for this strange man, who is basically all of us, who as of December 31 have as many noses as there are days left in a year.


Cursa dels nassos

Since 1999, the Cursa dels nassos (run of the noses) has been held in Barcelona, an athletic event that reflects the international tradition of holding races on San Silvestre Day. The oldest and most famous San Silvestre race is that of Sao Paulo, celebrated since 1925.

It is a test that takes place between a great festive atmosphere, very participatory and open to all citizens. The usual thing is to run it in disguise and with a wig.


First swim of the year

This plan is not suitable for frioleros. One of the rituals of the beginning of the New Year in Barcelona for 20 years is to start with a collective bath in the sea at noon on January 1.

Then, to compensate for the cold, a hot broth is served to all the brave people who participate in the bath.

Do you sign up for any of the plans? Or maybe everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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