New (and better) conditions to study in Barcelona

New (and better) conditions to study in Barcelona

A year ago we wrote about what you could do if, at the end of your studies in Barcelona, wanted to extend your stay. The solution was to make new courses, study Spanish or make a specialty ...


But what if what you wanted was to stay in Barcelona to settle and work? The thing was complicated .... Until now! The European Union has enacted new conditions for students like you may be able to have the opportunity to extend your stay in the city without having to immortalize your studies to infinity and beyond.


Once you've finished your career, course, master, graduate ... You have a permit for 9 months to find work or start a business. Until you get it, you can continue staying in our apartments for students :)


Of course, as our apartments are exclusive to college students, when you have assembled your company or find the job of your dreams in Barcelona, you have to change residence. But you can always invite all international students with whom you've shared your recent months to your new home. Miss you!


Another possibility after finishing your studies in Barcelona, may be travelling to other countries of the European Union to complete them. It is now also possible. You imagine spending every semester in a European city without new visa? Knowing student residences in each city and share your experience with other traveler students? As it is already possible!


Finally, if you are still studying in Barcelona, you have the possibility of working 15 hours a week. Perfect for your expenses in the city and to gaining experience. Companies value positively in interviews that their candidates have collated studies and work, and you will be more enriching experience (in all aspects).


If you have not yet decided to come to study in Barcelona, we encourage you! Life in our university flats will be one of the experiences of your life. Now that is so easy, are you going to miss this experience?



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