My course has finished…What about now? =(

My course has finished…What about now? =(

But, what to do in this case? There are many obstacles to postpone your stay but for all of them (or almost all of them), there is a solution!

First of all you have to seek information about the permission to know exactly what you have to do to postpone your stay here. If you are from EU, so you don´t have to worry about it.

What many students do is to start a new course! If you are a student of a Spanish course or other language, try to find another school or a Master! If you used to study a Master, try another one or a Post graduation! There are many good schools in Barcelona with different prices, courses and start dates… The Spanish universities have always had a special attraction for foreign students, especially because it is the only European country where Spanish is spoken as mother language.

Spain is among the 11 countries with the highest number of foreign students in the world and, according to Liliana Carrera, Director of Latin America of the Foundation for the International Projection of the Spanish Universities (Universidad.es), more than 100.000 foreign students have registered on Spanish universities, mainly for Post Graduation, in 2013.

If your budget is tight, try to save money on some things. Walking instead of taking public transportation and eating at home can help you to save a little bit day by day. The ideal would be to seek for a paid internship to help you with the monthly expenses! Furthermore, the internship can help you in your professional future.

What about us? How can we help you? Well… If you need an apartment for students, we will be always available to offer you the best options! =)

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