Move around Barcelona with Bicing

Barcelona works to improve air quality and the quality of life of citizens and, therefore, is committed to a healthier mobility in which the most sustainable means of travel have a great weight, such as walking, by public transport or cycling.

The bicycle is an alternative way of moving around the city and the most efficient means of transport in terms of energy (energy needed to move a person). It is the most practical, healthy and sustainable: it does not produce fumes, it does not make noise, it does not consume petroleum derivatives and it contributes to recovering the streets as spaces for citizen coexistence. Also, by using the bike you get fit! Quite a success, don't you think?

Given the city's clear commitment to this environmentally friendly means of transport, more and more areas and roads have lanes for cycling. However, it must be borne in mind that the bicycle is just another vehicle and, as such, you must circulate with caution and respect traffic regulations. Click on the link to consult a map of the lanes for cycling throughout the city.

For all those who want to move around by bike, but don't want to keep it at home, or carry it around all day, or constantly looking for a safe place to park it, we have the perfect option: Bicing.

How does the Bicing work?

Bicing is urban transport based on the shared use of mechanical and electric bicycles. A simple, practical and sustainable service that you can use on your trips around the city. To go where you want and when you want, without smoke or noise.

Its operation is as simple as carrying out the online registration, paying the annual subscription, finding your closest station and starting pedaling to your destination.

It is important to note that Bicing is a service designed for citizens of Barcelona, ??not for tourism, since for eventual visitors to the city there is a wide range of bicycle rental companies. To guarantee that the service is accessed by resident users or users who regularly frequent the city, at the time of registration a valid DNI or NIE associated with the subscription holder is requested.

If your stay in Barcelona is scheduled for a period of more than 6 months, don't worry! From Barcelona Student Housing, we will help you with the registration procedures so that you can enjoy this amazing service.

Bicing offers you mechanical and electric bicycles, for greater comfort. In both cases you can use the bicycle for a maximum period of 2 hours. The use of the bicycle is divided into periods of 30 minutes up to 2 hours. In the mechanical Bicing mode, the first half hour is free since it is included in the price of the annual pass. In the electric Bicing mode, you pay for each journey made.

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