Move around Barcelona 2: bicycle

Move around Barcelona 2: bicycle

The bicycle is the cleanest and most sustainable option to move around the city. Barcelona is perfectly conditioned for cyclists, with a network of bike lanes of almost 200 kilometers linking the city from north to south and from east to west.

There are two types of bike lanes: the unidirectional, with a minimum width of one and a half meters, and the bidirectional, of 2.20 meters. They are always separated from the rest of vehicles by a white strip of 30 centimeters and, in areas with intense circulation, the separation is reinforced with pieces of rubber. Where the bike lane intersects with other vehicles, it is painted red.


For people who live in the city and who want to move by bike without having a private one, the Bicing service is the best option. It is a municipal urban transport based on the shared use of the bike. It is very easy to use and is ideal for traveling within the city, which is full of Bicing areas where you can take or park the bike. To be a user, you must activate the card. The subscription is annual and costs 47.16 euros: the first 30 minutes are free.

You can sign up through its website www.bicing.cat and make the payment by credit card. You will receive a card at your address that you must activate in order to start enjoying the service. In the bicing stations you will see that there is a sensor to zoom the card and that will tell you which bike you can use.

We recommend that you download the Bicing app, since from it you can consult a list of stations and their location on the map, with the availability of bikes and anchors in each of the stations, in addition to planning your tours. The app indicates the stations closest to your point of origin and end, which sections of the proposed route are by bike lane and also gives you the option to choose between three types of route: the fastest, the safest (the one that has more kilometers in bike lane) and the flattest.

In this  link you have more information.

If you prefer to use your own bike you should know that it is mandatory to carry a bell so that the cyclists can warn of their presence. At night, you must carry duly approved lights: front, white, and behind, red. Children under 7 years can be transported in an additional seat and with a helmet approved. Adults are not required to wear a helmet, but its use is recommended.

You can transport your bike on most public transport in the city, except on the bus. They are allowed in the metro, Renfe trains, the Generalitat Railways and the Tram, where there are spaces specifically marked and adapted for bikes. That yes, while in the Railways and the Tram there is no time limitation, in the subway and Renfe trains can only climb the bike at restricted times.

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