Millenial Generation

Millenial Generation

The most common when you enter a university apartment is that each of the students who share the floor have in their hand, as a kind of extension of their body, a mobile, a tablet or a laptop, almost always accompanied by large headphones. And is that, young people between 20 and 35 years are characterized mainly by carrying out their daily interactions through the screen of one of these devices. Although all our student residences have TV, our roommates also prefer internet to television or radio.

The so-called digital natives, are on-line about 7 hours a day: unthinkable to spend a day disconnected! Losing your cell phone, running out of battery power or not having an internet connection happens to be one of the worst catastrophes you can imagine ... Much more than being without electricity or hot water! And is that, many of these millenials, have achieved the jobs of their dreams thanks to being connected 24/7 and the great mastery of technologies. Many of our students will be engaged in professions that have not even existed for some years: community managers, developers of multimedia applications, software programmers or even all those professions that have emerged from the boom of social networks like youtubers, Bloggers, videobloggers ...

Consumers, well maybe yes, but much more critical. They value more the opinions of other users with their same interests to the great publicity campaigns. And they not only express their opinion to value a purchase. The demands on social networks are the new "painted on the wall" where they reflect their social and political commitment. And more and more are those who commit to the collaborative economy.

Restless minds, entrepreneurs and very well prepared, so are millenials ... Do you feel identified?

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