Master or postgraduate? Are you clear about the differences?

Master or postgraduate? Are you clear about the differences?

We understand by postgraduate all those studies that are realized after finishing the university degree. This implies that a master is also a postgraduate, but let's say it is the postgraduate study with the highest level of requirement. In this post we will differentiate the master of the rest of postgraduate studies.

The main differences between a master and a postgraduate are:

How long does it last?

Normally one of the characteristics that differentiates the postgraduate of the university masters is the duration time. The postgraduate course usually lasts at least 150 teaching hours, that is, 15 credits according to current regulations. Since it is a few hours, the ability to combine it with another activity is much greater, and therefore also requires less effort.

Many students decide for a postgraduate course because they want to expand their knowledge, but they can not commit to a master's degree. In some cases, the postgraduate gives the possibility of, once finished, to continue studying and to convert the title of postgraduate in masters, although obviously this always must be consulted before beginning the postgraduate in the formative entity chosen to carry out the studies.

Is the title obtained different?

Yes. The master's degree is a kind of postgraduate study, to summarize, although it represents a fairly high level of demand compared to other postgraduate degrees. At the end of a master's degree, the title obtained is that of master, which is a novel superior to that of graduate.

In most cases, the master's degree can be accessed with a university degree and a letter of motivation; But in certain study centers they also admit people who do not have a university degree but who have a proven experience in the field of studies to which the program belongs. For the latter, sometimes the master's degree is not given but a certificate of achievement is given.

In the case of postgraduate studies, which, as we have already pointed out, are shorter studies (some of even half a year) can be renamed as the university expert.

For which I decide?

Postgraduate is the best option for those students who have a more limited time or budget because as we said, requires something less dedication than the master.

If you want to dedicate 100% in your studies and you have the time and money to do it, a master's degree is a highly recommended option. It is important before enrolling you to understand well the conditions of the chosen curriculum, as it may vary in each country.

What if I want to get a doctorate?

One of the most important differences between a postgraduate and a university master's degree is that the master allows access to a doctorate, which is the highest academic degree awarded by universities to students after publicly defending the doctoral thesis. This training stage is characterized by its emphasis on research and aims at advanced training in research techniques. With a postgraduate study it is not possible to access these studies. If the student has great ambitions to continue his studies until he reaches the doctorate, the most intelligent thing would be to start a university master's degree after completing the degree (old degree or diploma).

We hope you have helped if you had doubts about the types of studies available after graduation from the university.

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