Living in Barcelona as a student Rent or share a flat?

Living in Barcelona as a student Rent or share a flat?

One of the most frequent concerns of students who come to study in Barcelona is accommodation. As a student in Barcelona, ??you have several alternatives: student residence, rent your own flat or share a flat with other students or young professionals. Which is the best option?

First-year students often prefer to stay in a university residence. In this way, the student has more facility to gradually adapt to the changes that involve going to live and study in another city, or in many cases, in another country. Adapting to living in a new city like Barcelona implies knowing public transport, making new friends, organizing university schedules, planning study hours ... If you add to that you have up to date housework, such as cleaning, laundry or food, the situation can be somewhat stressful. Student residences help university students in that first year, offering full board service and cleaning your room.

The second year of your career, or if you have come to study in Barcelona for a master's or postgraduate degree, things change. Most students are already accustomed to living outside the family home and therefore are already better managed with day-to-day work. The idea of ??living in a residence is less attractive to them and they consider renting an apartment.

You have several alternatives: rent a flat to live alone, rent a flat with other friends or university colleagues or choose to share a flat through a company like Barcelona Student Housing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? We explain them to you below:

Rent a flat just for you

It is the most expensive option. In addition to having to assume only the high cost of renting a complete apartment in Barcelona, ??you must present a series of documentation that proves that you can pay the rent (bank guarantee, payroll ...). In addition, you will not be able to carry out the online procedure but you will have to do it in person, which means moving several times to the city before entering into a rental agreement.

Rent a flat with friends or colleagues from the university

An option to distribute at the high cost of renting is to rent a multi-room apartment and share them with friends or colleagues from the university. The search and reservation process is the same as if you are looking for yourself: bank guarantee or payroll and face-to-face rental management. It is important that you make sure that the supplies are discharged, and you will have to manage the internet registration. One of the biggest drawbacks of this rental model is that if one of the partners decides to leave the apartment, the rest you will have to assume their share of the rent.

Share a flat managed by a professional company

Renting a room in a student apartment with Barcelona Student Housing is the easiest option for several reasons:

  1. It allows online booking, so you don't have to travel to reserve your student apartment.
  2. No bank guarantees or payroll.
  3. You know what you are going to pay each month, regardless of how many people you share the flat with.
  4. Supplies are included (with a reasonable limit).
  5. Wi-Fi is also included in your monthly payment.
  6. You have staff at your disposal and 24-hour emergency service.
  7. In case of breakdowns, a person from our staff will resolve it within a reasonable time.
  8. If you do not like the reserved apartment, or do not agree with your partners, we can offer you several alternatives at no additional cost.

Choose your student accommodation well and welcome to your new student life.

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