Libraries in Barcelona

Libraries in Barcelona

If you are one of those who have trouble concentrating to study, if every five minutes you are going to see what your roommates do for students, or to see what's in the fridge again, maybe the best solution for you is to study in one of the libraries that are in Barcelona.

Barcelona has a wide network of public libraries, 40 in total, and all of them have Wi-Fi.

Who can use public libraries?

Any student can access them for free. If you need to borrow books, access the Wi-Fi network or want to do any of the courses they offer, you only have to apply for the card, which is also free. You can not use that of your university or college flatmate, as it is personal and instranferable ????

 You should know that with this same card you can also access libraries throughout Catalonia. Find out about the discounts you can get to participate in cultural activities.

In addition to the network of public libraries, Barcelona also has other libraries that are not part of this network, such as those in universities or other cultural entities.

Next, we tell you which are the libraries that you can not miss, and the reasons:

Pompeu Fabra Library (UPF)

This old rehabilitated water tank has been converted into a reading room of the Pompeu Fabra University library (UPF)

Although access is free for all students, during the exam period, and due to the large influx, UPF students have access priority.


Jaume Fuster

With this building of great architectural value, the architects Josep Llinàs and Jona Vera won one of the most important awards in the country. It is also one of the largest and most modern libraries in Barcelona.

If you are a traveler, it is a must because it has a complete travel book fund, which includes guides in different languages, travel literature, maps and documentaries.



This library was founded in 1895. When you enter through its grand staircase, you will doubt whether you are in a library or a museum.

Highlights his collection of works on the labor movement, anarchism and masonry.


Ignasi Iglesias Library - Can Fabra

 The library of lovers of comics, occupies three floors of an old thread factory in the traditional Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Andreu.

If you like comics, you should know that this library hosts a fund specialized in comics that has more than 25,000 documents, the most important collection of this genre in Catalonia.


Biblioteca de Catalunya

The visit to this library is essential for lovers of architecture, and especially of modernism, since it is located in the old Hospital of Santa Cruz, one of the most important civil gothic ensembles in Catalonia. It has about 3 million documents.


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