Learn to cook the most typical dish: paella :)

Learn to cook the most typical dish: paella :)

…so that not only can you cook it in your student apartment and invite your roommates, but you can also do it in your home country. Of course, the paella (the great "frying pan" where it is cooked) is one of the keys to its flavor. You can get it in any store that sells kitchenware. As soon as you take it to your country, it's already yours ...

The original Valencian paella is not exactly the same as the one we usually eat, since it was a farm meal in which the local vegetables were used as the "garrofón", a type of white bean. The recipe has been changing and adapting to the gastronomy and ingredients of each place. In the recipe that we teach you today we will cook a paella "mixed" seafood and chicken, which is usually the most common.

The ingredients that you will need, for a paella for 6-8 people, are:

1 onion

1 ripe tomato

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

Half chicken cut into small pieces

2 squids

1 kilo of mussels

500 grams of prawns

300 grams of clams

Fish soup



Start with the mussels, which you must clean very well and put in a saucepan with a little salt and a bay leaf until they open. Once opened we reserve them and the broth we will mix it with the fish stock.

2.- Fish broth you can do it with some fish scraps, some vegetables and in this case the heads of the shrimp, or buy a head of monkfish that gives very good flavor. We glued and we booked.

3.- In the paella, with a little olive oil, we will brown the already chopped chicken. Once gilded we retired and keep it for later.

4.- Now we will make a “sofrito” with the vegetable: we cut the onion and the peppers in small pieces and we fond them over medium heat.

5.- Once poached add the tomato and continue to fry for about 10 minutes.

6.- We incorporate the cut squids in pieces that previously we have cleaned well.

7.- Once they are ready, we incorporate the chicken that we had previously reserved and the rice. The amount is approximately one cup per person, ie for 8 diners about 650-700 grams of rice.

8.- Sauté and incorporate the broth with a little saffron. Cook 18 minutes and 2 minutes before incorporating the peeled shrimp and clams to open and remain tender. To finish put the mussels on and your paella is ready.

Surely your first paella will not be the perfect paella, but with practice you will get better every time.

Bon appetit !!!!!

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