Is that possible to make friends at your students’ residence?

Is that possible to make friends at your students’ residence?

Start something totally new, on a new city, new school or university is not that easy. The students must be opened to get to know and experience new things. For sure with old friends it would be much easier, but most of the times it is not like that.

Barcelona is a city full of students, but the best way to get to know new people and other students is to live at an University Apartment or at a Students’ Dorm with other students who are on the same situation like you.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I had two friends, also students, living there already and they helped me a lot! But I had to find someone to share a flat with, because I couldn’t live with them… At the same time, a friend of a friend was also looking for a student to share a flat. That was how I got know Juliana, my flatmate and partner of almost all experiences that I had in Barcelona!

Going to the supermarket, to beach during summer, to the cinema on winter, trying to enjoy all the experiences that the city of Barcelona has to offer, to vent all the experiences that we had at the university, fighting sometimes, making new friends, getting to know other students and, finally, being good friends!

I recommend you to enjoy all the moments with the students that share the university flat or the students’ dorm with you, because for sure they are going to be on your memories for the rest of your lives! <3

Photo: We took this picture on our last day in Barcelona at Gaudí Avenue! Now that we are already back to Brazil, remain the memories of an incredible experience in our lives that we had the opportunity to share with each other! =)

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