Improving your Spanish

Improving your Spanish

“Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo”

Last week in our recipe of how to make an omelette use the term "cada maestrillo tiene su librillo." Correspondence in English would be "every master has His own trick". We use this proverb to say that everyone has their own tricks and ways of doing things. Some will always tell you that their way of doing things is right, but now you know that answer for further leave hallucinating with your Spanish ?

“Dar la vuelta a la tortilla”

Last week we explained you how to “dar la vuelta a la tortilla” or turn the omelette literally, but the expression, in the figurative sense, means to turn a situation from negative to positive or the reverse. You'll understand better with an example: Imagine you arrive to your student apartment in Barcelona, you do not know anyone and you would like to chat with one of your new roommate, and it turns out that all speak in a language different from yours. You can get depressed and think what you had bad luck, or “dar la vuelta a la tortilla” and rejoice that, besides knowing a lot of different cultures, you learn new languages. You go from a situation which at first seems difficult for an opportunity. It's all about being positive ... If you still have doubts, look at this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoFlYSB5Rps

Now you know two expressions. Soon you explain what happens to your roommate if he tells you that "se ha quedado a cuadros" because "le ha caido un marrón" ... ?

Spanish students, we will come back soon with more expressions!


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