How to stay motivated when you study from home

How to stay motivated when you study from home

Due to the particular situation we are experiencing we are forced to continue our studies from our student apartments, and you may also be taking the opportunity to do some free online courses to be more entertaining and reinforce your training.

Since you decided to study in Barcelona, ??this situation does not stop you. Studying online is different from traditional learning and that is why it is sometimes more difficult to stay focused and even motivated, especially at the moment that we are also maintaining this social distance and that with everything that is happening you may find yourself more dispersed. Since it is not possible to go to your University in Barcelona. ??

From www.barcelona-student-housing.com we want to give you some advice.

Set your goals

It is good that you set your goals when you study are your own goals to achieve, Having Clear study goals can make the difference between success and failure. You must set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals.

Mark your schedules and agenda to achieve in each study session.

If you set very high goals in a short period of time and with very intense study sessions you can lose motivation and interest and this will ultimately be more damaging.

Rules to avoid getting discontinued

Think for a moment about things that could disconcert you, and consider controlling this before you start studying.

Something very useful is to block mobile notifications, so they can not distract you with messages from whatsApp, Messenger, Instagram... and all these social networks that often distract us.

Find an appropriate environment to study, you have to keep in mind that it is a quiet and noise-free place, but it is also not appropriate for it to be a place that we associate with rest such as our bed or sofa.

Try to have everything you need on hand Before starting to study, to avoid having to get up, I have to go look for things, this makes you lose concentration. If you have information you need on an external storage device or email, it is recommended that you download everything to your computer and have it on hand for convenience and to avoid distractions.

Study partners

Study in a group can be a good option, online study sometimes keeps you isolated, and this can make you feel heavy or unmotivated. Finding good study partners is important and motivational, we can learn better when it is more enjoyable and we share the study with people who have goals and level of knowledge similar to ours.

Study groups helps to cover more content in the topics, and in the collective debates of the study day by explaining it to the rest of the classmates and solving doubts it makes it more enjoyable, bearable and interesting.

A great benefit studying online is the flexibility it allows you, but this can also be a double-edged sword, be careful!

Establish a study schedule that allows you time for other things. It is good that you keep your moments of entertainment, fun, relaxation and rest combined with your studies. It will make confinement more pleasant and bearable.

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