How to make the perfect CV

How to make the perfect CV

For sure some rommate in your student apartment has already done his and can help. But do not forget that there are companies that receive hundreds of resumes and many of them are discarded with the naked eye, being too long or, on the contrary, seem unprofessional ...

First, do not have a single CV. Each company has different needs, and in the same way you would not dress the same for an interview in a bank or a technology company, you must also have several ways to present yourself according to the company to which you address.

The CV will open from a computer screen. Center the information you want to see earlier in the top 2/3 of the page that is visible without scrolling, and leave the information that may be less relevant to the post for the end.

Make it easy to contact you, the e-mail and the phone must be visible. In the header. In the personal data it is not necessary to indicate ID or passport number ... it does not provide any valuable information about you, and if they will hire you, they will ask for it. On the address, you can put the one of your flat of students in Barcelona so that they see that you are residing in the city if you consider necessary. But we insist, e-mail and phone are the most important thing, no company will contact you by mail today.

What to put next? There are those who say that the first thing you have to put is the training, who says that is the professional experience. We tell you to use your own criteria: if you want the first thing you see is your training because you have only professional experience, highlight your training and put it first. If, on the other hand, the company is looking for someone with experience in something that you have worked for, highlight that.

Always accompany the curriculum with a brief presentation. Be clear and concise: Indicate what you are looking for and why you think you are the right person.

And do not neglect the design: Although on the internet you have a lot of templates that can help you we recommend you be original and put your personal touch.

Add a photo of face that you see favored, but that is professional. No trimming the picture they took you on Saturday night when you were out of gear. If you can afford it, take a professional photo, but if you decide to do it yourself or with the help of one of your roomates, smile and try to give a close and sincere image.

If you need help, we recommend that you go to Barcelona Activa, a free service of the city council that can help you create a professional competency curriculum that will surely help you achieve your goal. You can inform yourself through its website http://www.barcelonactiva.cat


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