How to make student apartment confinement more fun and productive

How to make student apartment confinement more fun and productive

In this March with the arrival of confinement due to the state of alarm by Covid-19, we have all suddenly found ourselves unable to leave, in our student rooms.

Without a doubt, this is a very strange and complicated situation to which we must adapt in the best way, and try to make sedentary lifestyle not fit into our day to day.

Many of you came to study in Barcelona this year and you stay in shared apartments for students. And from here we want to help you make this confinement more bearable and interesting. Days are hard for everyone, it will make you feel better safe and it is also important that you take advantage of your time.

The return to normality will come sooner or later and what better than to be more trained and to have made the most of your confinement.

From www.barcelona-student-housing.com we want to propose you a wide variety of online courses for students, to continue training and entertaining you at the same time.

As a first option, we would like to suggest cibernarium.barcelonactiva belongs to the barcelona-activa platform. Through its virtual classroom, they offer a wide range of free courses. Several of them are related to new technologies, such as graphic design, marketing, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) you can find all levels, from the most basic to the most advanced. Of course, they also have different schedules, so that you have more possibilities to adapt the schedules of these courses to your daily routines.

Another fantastic option is to learn for free an interesting portal for all those who are willing to learn a new language or reinforce an already learned language.

They have a great variety of online language courses, from the most commonly studied such as English, French, Italian or German, even others like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Russian.

This website also gives you the opportunity to do free courses in relation to Hospitality, tourism or human resources. You can also find the branch of journalism as law, or also accounting. Without forgetting the highly demanded training in dietetics, nutrition, sports or transpersonal therapies.

You also have the option to train from your home with the Google activate platform, where you can find a wide variety of courses that are also free.You will see that they have three different academic lines, investigate and you will surely be able to find the most suitable for each one of you.

It is very important that you know that there is a great offer of online courses for students, take advantage of this opportunity.

You just have to start investigating until you find something that motivates you and you want to do, something new to discover, surely you will find it!

Are you excited?

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