How to choose the perfect student apartment (II)

How to choose the perfect student apartment (II)

In our previous post we helped you choose the perfect student flat and talked about the importance of choosing the location that best suits what you are looking for: near the university, in the center, in a traditional neighborhood, near the beach... there are many options but it is important that you spend some time reflecting on where you would like to live during your studies in Barcelona.

But in addition to the location, there are other important factors that you should take into account when choosing your student accommodation in Barcelona.

One of the questions you should ask yourself is how many people would you like to live with? You must start from the basis that all the people with whom you share an apartment are going to be students like you, or young professionals who are doing their university practices before entering the labor market.

If you are looking for tranquility, it is best to choose an apartment where you share with few students, with 2 or 3 rooms, such as the floors of Ramon Albó, Josep Tarradellas or Trinxant.

If, on the contrary, what you are looking for is to interact with as many people as possible to expand your circle of friends in Barcelona, ??choose a large apartment. Gran Vía has 9 rooms, or Casanova where you can share a flat with up to 7 more students. Encarnació is an ideal location if what you are looking for is to share with many students but to have your privacy and tranquility if you wish, since it is a 4-storey house with a multitude of common areas.

If you want a small flat, but to meet many students from all over the world, the best option is the exclusive buildings for students, where all your neighbors will be students like you. Balmes, Robrenyo or Travessera 43 are the options chosen by many students who do not want to give up living in a university environment, with the independence of a shared apartment.

It is also important that when choosing your student apartment you opt for one with the supplies included, such as those managed by Barcelona Student Housing. That way you will know what you are going to pay each month, as long as you make responsible waste!

Also look for fully equipped apartments, so you only have to travel with your personal belongings and avoid having to spend money on buying necessary accessories for the floor, or sheets and towels. In Barcelona Student Housing they will provide everything you need in your home during your student's stay in Barcelona.

There are many options available to you to live in Barcelona, ??but remember not to wait until the last moment to book, or you will have to settle for the rooms for students that are available. Don't wait any longer to reserve youraccommodation for students in Barcelona.

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