How many foreign students are there in Spain?

How many foreign students are there in Spain?

Barcelona Student Housing hosts more international students every year in its shared flats, attracted by the wide range and quality of master's and postgraduate courses offered by its public and private universities. Spain is also the preferred country for Erasmus students.

If you want to know the data published by the Ministry of Education, about the number of foreign students and professionals who have decided to come to study at Spanish universities, do not miss our post today.

Do you know what more than one and a half million students enrolled in Spanish universities in 2017?

More than 190,000 students conducted, according to the Ministry of Education, master's studies in Spanish universities during the same course. This supposes a growth of more than 11% with respect to the previous year, and continues with the tendency to the rise of the last years.

The master's degrees offered by universities in Spain are a good call for students from all over the world, but especially from Latin America, who increasingly decide to come to study in Spain attracted by the university quality. In addition, the standard of living, the climate, the hospitality of Spaniards and, of course, the wide range of accommodation for students both in shared flats and in student residences, are additional motivations for choosing Spain as a study destination.

We continue with statistics on the number of foreign students in Spain, now with doctoral studies. More than 71,500 students enrolled in doctoral studies, which means almost 5% of the university population. And of these university students, one in four is a foreigner. PhD students are one of the main residents of our shared apartments, because by age, they look for a product that provides them with more independence than a student residence, which is a product more focused on first or second year students.

With regard to the origin of students in undergraduate studies, almost half of foreign students come from the European Union. And it is that our country has become a very attractive destination for foreign students because of the weather and the language, among other reasons.

Only through the 'Erasmus' program did the last year reach 40,000 from Europe. In fact, Spain is the country that receives the most Erasmus students, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

If you are one of the thousands of foreign students who have decided to come to Spain to study, Barcelona is your city. Here you will find an educational offer of the highest level in an extraordinary city. And to fully enjoy your experience, we recommend that you stay in one of the shared flats located in the center of Barcelona.

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