Halloween in Barcelona?

If you are one of those who like to be scared, this blog is perfect for you. From theme parks transformed into authentic houses of terror, to cinemas and nightclubs, these are some of the activities we recommend you to do on the night of the 31st.


A Scream Park where you will have to face your worst nightmares. Located in Barcelona, specifically in the Parc Catalunya en Miniatura. This park offers different activities among which we find 3 haunted houses, where you must discover what happened to the Mockbrown family, review a military camp that hosted a battalion with soldiers of a wild brigade, and another activity that remains to be announced. There will also be 2 "Scare Zones", plus other terrifying attractions and activities.
Get your tickets at feverup.com and have a blast!


Test your fear radar with this Real Game organized by WRG and inspired by the third movie of the saga.
Enjoy a night of terror, fear and anguish where each player and actor must play a role in order to survive this experience. Surely if you are fans of The Purge you can get an idea of what awaits you the night of the 31st in Poble Español.
If you don't want to miss this experience, go to feverup.com and get your tickets!


As every year, the Antic Teatre presents the 'Antic Horror Picture Show', a festival of short horror films where you can enjoy the best films of this genre. 
On the other hand, if you like horror movies and you usually watch them in their original version, this activity is perfect for you. Phenomena Experience' is the double program of horror that this cinema offers to its audience and that will start at 11:00 am on the 31st.


How could we forget about you? We know that in our family there are many party lovers, so you are going to love a plan like the one we are going to present you now.
After almost two years without being able to go out partying, the nightclubs are reopening and with this we can do again what many of us like, socialize with people having a drink and dancing to the rhythm of reggaeton.
Clubs like 'Bling Bling', 'Opium', 'Razzmatazz', 'Pacha', among others, have already put on sale their tickets for the most terrifying night of the year.
What are you waiting for? Enter the website of the nightclub you like and get your tickets now. 

Have a terrifying Halloween and eat lots of candy!  
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