Guide of local expressions that every Erasmus student in Barcelona should know

Guide of local expressions that every Erasmus student in Barcelona should know

If you have come to study in Barcelona from a foreign country, you will have noticed that Spanish is a very rich language. Although you have lived more than one situation in which you thought you have mastered the language, but the amount of local and everyday expressions are difficult to translate into your language.


 Tu, que te liaste la manta a la cabeza para venir a estudiar un programa Erasmus a Barcelona, tienes un morro que te lo pisas. ¡Tela marinera contigo!

 Have you understood something of what we just told you?

 Do not worry, here is a guide that can help you understand the depth of our language and expressions that your flatmates in Barcelona or your university will often use when they address you.


“Liarse la manta a la cabeza”: make a very quick decision without thinking about the consequences.

“Tener un morro que te lo pisas”: consider someone very lucky for something

Tela marinera contigo”: this expression is usually used when you have done something that is worth highlighting, it can be good or bad.

“Dormir la mona”: Fall asleep anywhere after a night of partying where you have drunk a lot ...

Montar un pollo”: Create a quarrel or argument that does not make sense. You can also use the expression "you have bundled brown".

“Poner los cuernos”: be unfaithful, so easy and simple!

“Manda huevos”: You do not like something you just heard

“Vete a freir morcillas”: They do not want to know anything about you.

“Decir verdades como templos”: You are the most sincere of all the companions of your student flat in Barcelona.

“Dar el coñazo”: You are very heavy.

“Hacerte la picha un lio”: You do not know how to explain. Think before you talk. In the language that is.

“No me toques las palmas que me conozco”: you are not very difficult to convince to go out partying or make any kind of plan.

“Se te ve el plumero”: You see the bad intentions from afar.

“Me cago en la leche”:  This is a soft 'Fuck', used by educated students who do not want to offend anyone.

“Te puedes dar con un canto en los dientes”: You have gotten into a mess, but you have solved them very well.

 “Hablar por los codos”: That you do not shut up or under water.

Estar como una regadera”: It means you're a bit crazy or crazy.

“Casarse de penalti”: Marry because your partner is pregnant.


Do you want to know more local expressions to understand the companions of your student apartment in Barcelona?


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