Get to know the Santa Eulàlia Festivities

Get to know the Santa Eulàlia Festivities As always, we are looking for plans for the weekend to leave your university flat with your shared flatmates in Barcelona to enjoy the plans that the city offers.

February comes with more popular festivals. The Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona also known as the Winter Festival, one of the most important celebrations in the city along with the La Mercè festivities.

Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona

All the activities carried out in these days are done in memory of the co-patron saint of Barcelona, ??Santa Eulàlia. This year, the festive programming on the occasion of the Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia will take place from February 7 to 12. The activities will take place in various locations in Ciutat Vella, and the best news for a student: they are free.

The Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia follow a great tradition and almost all the activities are based on Catalan popular culture. The cultural and leisure proposals that take place these days are many. The objective is to encourage the inhabitants of the city and the visitors from all over the world to continue participating in these festivities.

The most important activities of this festivity take place in Plaza Sant Jaume. Reading the traditional proclamation is a custom that has remained intact for many years. From the balcony of the Town Hall the proclamation that gives the starting gun to the rest of the cultural and leisure initiatives of these festivals such as the traditional dances of Catalonia and the exhibition of Los Falcons in Barcelona is read.

One of the attractions of Catalan culture that most attracts the attention of its visitors are the famous Castells, human castles of several stories high that each year face a difficult task before the expectation of the public present.

Another of the most relevant events of these festivals is The Protocol of the Eagle, a dance with the most characteristic popular bestiary. Bigheads, dragons, giants, devils q and other figures and dances that are part of the popular culture of the city.

Later, the Llum BCN Festival gives rise to new forms of expression, illuminating the night of Santa Eulàlia with light-ridden technological proposals, which have been held in the Poblenou neighborhood for two years.

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