Fighting climate change from your shared flats is possible

Fighting climate change from your shared flats is possible

Society is luckily becoming increasingly aware of the problems our planet suffers from global warming and climate change. You who have come to study in Barcelona and live in student apartments can also do your part and collaborate to improve this situation.

Increasingly, numerous actions are carried out to sensitize and make the population aware of the seriousness of this problem that concerns us all and thus try to avoid making this situation irreversible.

Although sometimes one thinks that our small daily actions will not mean a change, this is a mistake! Of course everything counts and we must never forget that small changes make big differences.

There are habits of the daily life of each one that can be changed, little by little without hardly realizing it and without effort helping to stop this big problem.

From www.barcelona-student-housing.com we want to give you some advice so that day by day with small actions you can collaborate.


We are in a technological era in which we all have more and more electronic devices, which we must charge periodically, ok, remember! always at the end of the charge unplug the charger, also avoid leaving the devices in standby mode, and all those that are plugged into a power strip do not forget to turn off the power strip when they are not being used, this is known as phantom power consumption and represents an average of the 10% consumption. When they are not really being used.

Another important detail is to turn off the television with its own button instead of the remote control, turning it off by the remote control stays on standby and continues to consume.

It is simple, right? Well, it makes a big difference 


Normally, shared flats or student apartments are usually located at strategic points to facilitate the mobility of residents to the University in Barcelona and other study centers, so it is recommended to use public transport instead of using a car or motorcycle. www.tmb.cat

Or even better if you dare to move around by bike with bicicle.

Apart from not polluting you will exercise.

It is very comfortable since you can easily find a bike path throughout the city www.bicing.barcelona


The 3 Rules of sustainability

1.- REDUCE: Consumption of energy and materials, you will save economically and be more efficient in use, some basic examples are, turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, while you brush your hair or while you lather in the shower, also while you lather the dishes if you wash by hand, it makes a huge difference in water consumption, put washing machines or dishwashers with the maximum load and thus optimize the consumption of both electricity and water, or set the half load program.

Turn off the lights when we leave a room, bathroom, kitchen, Bone if you change your stay in the house turn off the light of the place you leave please, very simple yes, but this is one of the big mistakes. When you go shopping, bring your own bags.

2.- REUSE: The most sustainable waste is the one that is not produced. Try to print the notes and the exams on both sides. Give them study material that you no longer use, it may be necessary for another classmate and you will not have to buy them.

3.- RECYCLE: Everything you consume, whether it is cooking, bathroom or room items, many things come with plastic, cardboard or glass, in your student apartments you can put recycling bins so you can dispose of everything in its place.

If you get used to these small daily actions you will see that it does not cost anything and it will really make a big difference!

Thank you!!

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