Fashion students in Barcelona

Fashion students in Barcelona

After having looked through the university floors of Barcelona and having chosen one of the many shared student apartments offered by the city, it is time to explore your new destination. Barcelona stands out for being a university and cosmopolitan city. It welcomes a multitude of people from all over the world, many of whom live in student flats. In the world of student room rental you will find colleagues from all over the world. Although it is a cliché, in most cases, foreigners tend to stand out for their attire (sometimes very different from Spanish). In case you want to go unnoticed and dress correctly in Barcelona, ??take a look at our tips. 

If you have gone for a walk around the center you will realize the diversity of styles and ethnicities that move around Barcelona. But if you look a little more, you will see that local citizens tend to follow a more or less similar style. In Barcelona, ??clothing, even for work, is usually more informal than in other cities in Spain, such as Madrid or Seville, where clothing is usually more classic.

Two tips to dress fashionably in Barcelona:

Bet on local brands

In Barcelona there are very creative firms with designs for all audiences and pockets. A piece of avant-garde clothing can be combined with other more formal elements, creating a unique style. In addition to Catalan brands internationally known as Custo, you will find countless local designers with creations of practically handmade production.

There is no better souvenir of a city than a garment from a local designer, which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Combine a basic with a seasonal piece from a local designer to give personality to your look. The basic garments are those timeless, that do not go out of style and stick with everything. In the case of the boys they would be the Chinese pants, the poles in neutral colors, the white shirt and the American. For girls, they can be black or beige pullovers, plain T-shirts and tweezers. 

Relax your dress code

The protocol requires the use of a suit on certain occasions such as weddings or special events. If you like ties, book it for those occasions.

Although in other cities in Spain many companies force their employees to go with suits, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to relax the dress code. If you don't want to give up wearing a suit, combine it with jerseys or shirts instead of shirts to give it a more casual touch.

When choosing your outfit in Barcelona, ??remember that for most places, fashion and comfort should go hand in hand.

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