Evolution of the Market of Students´ Housing

Evolution of the Market of Students´ Housing

Some countries don´t offer yet high quality accommodation, but nowadays many of them face it as a great opportunity of investment. According to a study conducted by Savills World Research, in Japan and Italy, this sector still doesn´t count on private investments, so the main option for the students is to stay at universities residences managed by the Universities themselves.

Countries like Australia, France and Germany count on a more recent infrastructure and the students have the opportunity to stay on universities campus or to rent by themselves a room or an apartment.

The most mature markets are U.S. and U.K. In United States there are three big REITs and each year 2.6 Billions of dollars are invested on the sector. The market at United Kingdom had a rapid growth on the last 10 years and offer many alternatives for the students that aim to study there.

For sure with the increasing demand of students´ exchange, the countries developed each time more kinds of accommodation for students to satisfy their needs and to let them feel they were at their own homes.

We assure you that here in Barcelona we can offer you many options of accommodations with the best conditions for you!!! =)

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