I'm going to study in Barcelona, which I choose: Flats for students or a university residence?

I'm going to study in Barcelona, which I choose: Flats for students or a university residence?

Advantages of staying in a flat shared with other students

Some students do not consider going to a university residence because they feel that they will not have too much freedom. Student apartments in Barcelona tend to give more independence and that is their main strength.

It is common to see that some young people are organized to share expenses with their roommates and prefer this system where they have their own rules.

Students who choose to stay in a room in an apartment shared with other students, are usually people accustomed to living outside the home, who know how to cook some things and do not mind domestic chores. Normally, they are students in the second or third year of their degree, or master's or graduate students, who are already used to buying and cooking, or washing their clothes, for example.

The benefits of a student residence

There are many who start in the student residence the first year with the idea of ??evaluating the situation and not looking too much and then, when they have already known the city well and feel more adapted, they end up looking for a flat that offers rental rooms for students.

Being in residence avoids many problems, especially at the beginning. For example, the fact of not knowing the area or people in the new city is no longer a concern because in the residence hall for students there are many students who share the same doubts and staff 24 hours to help and accompany at all times.

The main advantage in student residences in Barcelona, ??is that the alimony is included, so you do not have to worry about cooking or making the purchase. This is ideal the first year as a student in Barcelona since it helps you to focus more on your studies, and you do not add the stress of having other responsibilities.

Some student residences also offer all services such as laundry, leisure rooms and spaces for sports. The rooms can be individual, if privacy is sought, or shared, which make the stay more economical.

The only "against" we could say is the fact of living in coexistence and therefore have to comply with the rules regarding meal times and some rules.

Whether you decide to stay in a student residence or in a shared flat, you will see that both modalities have many advantages. It will depend to a large extent on your character and on your priorities to choose one or the other. With which you stay?

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