Eating well and cook little: Recipe of the week for our students

Eating well and cook little: Recipe of the week for our students

Surely in the kitchen of your students apartment, you can find the ingredients in this dish. 5 potatoes, 1 onion, 4-5 eggs, olive oil and salt. To make "each master has its booklet" (popular phrase that will explain next week), with or without onion onion ?, with potato cut sheets or cubes? Here's our recipe:

Cut the onion and diced potato, no need to be very small, especially onion, because if you can not burn. Heat the olive oil it in a pan ... do not stay short, You have to put enough oil!

Add the potatoes and onions in the hot oil and let them brown over medium heat.

Meanwhile beat eggs. A little trick Grandma: Do not beat the eggs too much!! Consistency will be much better!

When the potatoes and onions are now squishy and golden, remove them from the pan and let the oil drain well (you can use a colander, nothing is missing in the kitchens of your student flat!)

Once drained, mix well with the egg. A little more….

Now, in a medium skillet with a little oil to prevent sticking and if possible a little deep, check the mixture. Let curdling before turning it over to the tortilla (this will be the second expression will explain next week). How to turn it over? Now comes the critical moment, drumroll, call your roommates for that record the scene uses a fairly large flat dish and cover the pan. Flip over carefully and throw again on the other side in the pan. If you have not stuck, you're already an expert in omelettes! No luck I try to take off with a wooden spatula, we also have;)

When curd, serve it on a plate, accompanied with tomato bread, and enjoy it with your roommates.

Bon appetit !!!



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