Descaling phases in Barcelona (part2)

Descaling phases in Barcelona (part2)

What can be done and when beaches and pools in each phase

It will be in Phase 2 when the beaches and pools can finally be opened. Capacity in pools of 30%, you must request an appointment to attend, once in the pool schedules will be organized in turns for bathing.

On the beaches you must always keep the safety distance and the groups must be a maximum of 15 people, except in the case of people living together.

Bathers of course must make responsible use of the beach, both from an environmental and sanitary point of view.

During Phase 3 there are no substantial changes in beaches and swimming pools, apart from how until now trying to avoid interpersonal contact in water, sand or common areas.


Phase 1, will open libraries, cultural acts and shows with a capacity of less than 30 people in premises or 200 people if they are outdoors. Museums also open with 1/3 of its capacity.

Phase 2, cinemas and theaters reopened, also with 1/3 of the capacity. Visits to key monuments for tourism will also be allowed.

Phase 3, the capacity is increased to 50% in cinemas, theaters and museums, and they must have pre-assigned seats.


They will be able to open in Phase 2 with 30% of their capacity, although most of these centers for security await their reopening in Phase 3, which should be 50% capacity.

These centers require special attention in hygiene and security measures due to physical contact and the shared use of areas, equipment and changing rooms.

Extreme hygiene and safety! Gloves and masks may be required.


Non-professional sports such as cycling, running, skating, as long as it is in an individual way is allowed from Phase 0, Respecting the time slots from 6am to 10am or from 8pm to 11pm, during Phase 0 and Phase1.

You can also take walks within a radius of 1 km from your shared flats or student apartments.

In Phase 2 the schedule will be throughout the day except for the time sections for the walks of the elderly and vulnerable. Which is from 10am to 12pm and from 7pm to 8pm.

Phase 3, in this phase, all time restrictions, including those reserved for people over 70, are already eliminated.

So you can already practice sports whenever you want.


These may be reopened from Phase 2, that if it must be with 1/3 of its occupation.

The DGT resumes driving exams with security measures.

Also, the language academies will be able to reopen their doors.

At the moment this is the information that we can give you from Barcelona Student Housing. We recommend and ask you to be responsible and follow the established rules and so as soon as possible we can return to our normal life.

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