Descaling phases in Barcelona (part 1)

Descaling phases in Barcelona (part 1)

In this month of June, we will gradually go through phases and thus with the de-escalation we can reach the new normality, which we hope is possible by the end of this June.

We hope that all of you who came to study in Barcelona and this health crisis have had to experience it here, have coped well with this confinement in your student apartments.

  • We want to inform you of how the phases are planned to pass, if everything goes well.
  • We start this month in phase 1 and from June 8 we will move on to the new phase 2, until next June 18 where if all goes well we will move to phase 3.

The passage from one phase to another or will determine the virus transmission situation, number of infections and sanitary capacity of each area to cope with an outbreak if there were, therefore, each community or even territory will mark when it must pass the Phase.



Phase 1 allows group meetings with friends and family of up to 10 people both at home and on the terraces of the bars.

Phase 2 modifies the number of 10 to 15 people maximum. The terraces of the bars can have their capacity on the terraces at 50%, but it cannot be consumed inside at the bar counter. Both phase 1 and phase 2 are not allowed to open nightclubs or nightlife bars.

In phase 3 the meetings can be 20 people and the terraces will increase their capacity to 75% and it will already be allowed to consume inside the bar, respecting the 2-meter safety distance between people.

Nightclubs will open in phase 3, you drink at their bars, or terraces but you can't dance on the dance floors. Only install tables to use that space and respect the distances of security.


Phase 1, shops of 400 square meters or less will be open, shops with more than 400 will be able to open their doors as long as they only use these 400 square meters.These businesses must reduce their capacity to 30% and above all comply with the established distance and hygiene measures.

Phase 2, will open all the commerce and finally the long-awaited shopping malls, with a capacity of 40%, and as always respecting the safety distance and all the hygiene and protection regulations established for both clients and workers.

Phase 3, the capacity may be 50% the rest of the measures as in phases 1 and 2, always complying with the safety and hygiene protocol.


The first and most important thing is that the masks are mandatory in all phases, and therefore there will be penalties for not wearing it and access by personnel or security will be prevented.

Phase 1, spaces must be left between the seats never sitting next to another person, that is, within public transport, you must also respect the safety distance.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 it will no longer be necessary to leave seats unoccupied. It is allowed to occupy all seats, and the limit of 2 people per square meter must be respected if you are standing.

Keep informing you about in the next weeks.

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