College students and part time baby-sitters, how to earn money while you are a student

College students and part time baby-sitters, how to earn money while you are a student

Studying a university career and being able to earn extra income by providing a service to numerous families is already a reality for thousands of young Spaniards. According to data from the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in Spain, 3.1% of the population between 20 and 24 years work between part-time and full-time - between 20 and 34 hours a week - while studying. A percentage that is almost in the average of 3.6% at international level.

The economic crisis has caused many young university students to enter the labor market sooner than they had planned, to finance their own studies or to help the family economy.

Studying a university career and being able to get extra money working for a family in the care of their children, is already part of the daily lives of thousands of young people. So much so, that some Spanish universities, such as the one in Seville or Navarra, have implemented work placements to work as kangaroos, managed from the university centers themselves.

This trend has also been reflected in different online platforms that exist in Spain and offer this type of services. According to data provided by Quierocanguro.es, a social platform that puts families in contact with kangaroos in the last year, and perhaps due to the impact of the crisis, interest in being part of this platform has been increasing. Compared to the 49 thousand baby-sitters recorded in 2015, it is worth mentioning almost double this year 2016, more than 70 thousand. Of the more than 100,000 registered kangaroos, 45% are students.

The platform offers families the possibility of finding kangaroos in their neighborhood or area, using a geolocation device. Kangaroos provide care and attention at home for children of all ages in the absence of their parents, as well as pick-up and accompaniment to schools or day-care centers, support with homework and even language learning.

From Quierocanguro say that the majority profile is that of university students, with a minimal presence of boys. It emphasizes the presence of students of Early Childhood, Primary, Pedagogy or Psychology.

When registering, free of charge, students interested in working as a babysitter, must complete their profile indicating their experience in child care, if they have references, studies they are taking, if they have a specific degree or a course to highlight , As well as their availability.

"Parents prefer profiles of university kangaroos because of their training, as a rule they can help children with homework and if they also have specific training in the sector, it is a plus of confidence for them," explains Patricia Adam since The communication department of the platform.

Quierocanguro is structured in three different parts (one for the management of kangaroos, another for parents requesting the service and a third for those families who are interested in getting in touch with other parents to jointly organize the care of their children ) With the main purpose of providing job opportunities to young people with training and knowledge, as well as helping families to facilitate work and family reconciliation. The filters available on the platform allow an "à la carte" selection. In this sense, the Quierocanguro function is to provide the applicants - families with children - the profiles of the people that fit the requirements of the service that is requested. The final choice corresponds only to the parents, who also have to agree with the kangaroo the conditions and the salary to be agreed. Although there is no fixed amount, from the platform recommend a minimum price of 6 euros per hour, although the last word will always depend on the agreement between both parties.

From Quierocanguro they emphasize the additional value that can be taken care of by university students, who, in addition to being able to get an extra income from their work, can also acquire a very useful teaching experience based on their qualifications. And all this without forgetting the bonds of trust that can be forged between families and kangaroos, so it is usual for many fathers and mothers to prefer that they are young people who already know of other occasions those who take care of their children for specific occasions.

For further information: info@quierocanguro.es

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