Chinese in university housing…without having to pick up the phone

Chinese in university housing…without having to pick up the phone

Another alternative for most students is to order food or get take out. Certainly it is comfortable but it can get to be expensive. Fried rice or Chinese noodles that you summoned through the phone may taste good but aren’t really a grand dish. So then, is it virtually impossible to eat exotic, yummy, healthy and inexpensive food at home?


Of course not! Asian food can perfectly be made at home because the very ingredients that mark the different can be found and bought right at your local grocery store. Learning how to cook is a great benefit to your health and to your wallet. Think, you are in complete control of the ingredients. You can choose what to put in depending on your likes. If you take a look at the package, frozen rice has nothing out of this world added to it. Change it up. Another advantage is that you can control quantities and therefore calories.


Get to it! We suggest this simple recipe for fried rice:


First steps:


Remember in the kitchen to work in an organized fashion. It makes everything so much easier. First prepare your ingredients:

  • Rice should be already made. The earlier the better. This recipe tends to work better with cold rice. Just like boiling pasta, making rice is one of the easiest foods to prepare in the kitchen.


  • Dice up your proteins. You can use whatever you prefer: chicken, beef or pork…don’t forget, a meaty fish like calamari is always an option.


  • Dice up your veggies. This is fundamental, don’t toss it out. Rich in vitamins and to taste. You can even add something exotic for flavor, like ginger.


  • Make a quick omelet. Beat the egg and the heat it up in the frying pan. Don’t forget to dice up the cooked egg.


  • Preparation


  • Pour a little oil in a deep pan or a wok, and heat.


  • Sauté until it’s lightly cook. Then remove. Do the same for the veggies and add a pinch of salt or soy sauce for flavor. Once done, add the meat and the egg.


  • Slowly add the rice, constantly stirring. Add whatever sauce you would like.


And bam! A masterpiece of a dish, a home cooked, healthy, cheap and yummy plate! Expirement with it by trying new ingredients. All your roommates will be asking for your recipe.



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