Catalan cuisine in your student apartment

Catalan cuisine in your student apartment

Catalan cuisine encompasses a series of typical dishes from the Mediterranean area in which the products of the garden, the sea and the mountain are the real protagonists. Many of its dishes are considered a gastronomic reference, as is the case with pa amb tomàquet. It is a bread spread with tomato, olive oil and salt. No Catalan understands a sandwich without pa amb tomàquet, and we also take it as an accompaniment to meals. Invite your roommates to pa amb tomàquet with a good Iberian ham and you will see that nobody can resist.

La escudella is another of the gastronomic gems of Catalan cuisine. It is a delicious stew of chickpeas, potatoes, cabbage, sausage and other meats, ideal to face the low winter temperatures. In this same line of forceful dishes is fricandó, a typical stew based on beef or beef fillets with mushroom garnish. It is a plate that spreads and the ideal thing is to eat it the next day, so it is perfect to make in shared student apartments.

If you are more of fish, do not miss the esqueixada, a vegetable salad (tomato, red and green pepper and onion) and cod. Healthy, light and ideal for summer. In this same line is the escalivada, red pepper, onion and roasted eggplant, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.

Concerning the pastry, crema catalana is one of its best-known desserts. It is made with egg yolks, sugar and milk covered with sugar burned with a hot iron. Carquiñolis are dried pasta with almonds, although they also accept other nuts, such as nuts. Tipiquísmos are the pets of a nun, or farts of a nun. which are chest-shaped cookies, hence the name (from the Italian petto di monaca). The panellets are a typical sweet of the Castanyada, with almond, sweet potato or potato and sugar base. The most traditional are those covered with pine nuts and almonds, although you can also find them in coconut, chocolate or pumpkin. The neules are rounded waffle-shaped waffles, typical of Christmas and delicious!

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