The best universities to study law in Barcelona

Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan city endowed with great dynamism. A destination that makes a clear commitment to innovation, the creation of new ideas and entrepreneurship.


What are the university credits and what are they for?

Do you have doubts about what are the university credits and how they work? In this article, we explain more details about them and how to get them.



In times of uncertainty, at VSH we try to provide answers so that your plans to study abroad and share a flat with young people from all over the world do not stop.

We hope they help you, but if you have any other questions that we will not clarify below, do not hesitate to contact us at info@vanguard-sudent-housing.com and we will incorporate the new content that most worries you.


Why choose Barcelona as a university destination

If you are young, you are considering the option of being one of the tenants in shared student flats and you cannot decide which city will be your destination and residence for the next few years, we recommend you try at one of the university apartments located in Barcelona


Outdoor exercise in Barcelona

Barcelona is gradually returning to normality: shops open their doors, bar terraces are once again the meeting point for friends wanting to meet again.


Flats for students with terrace in Barcelona

After living the extraordinary situation of being locked in our houses for weeks, the priorities in the search for student accommodation in Barcelona are changing.

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